Punk Slime

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Dunk my head in the water to get clean Wipe my feet off on the doormat It’s a good day for thinking I wish earthworms had hands I wish a lot these days I have everything I want Rings on the wood from my tumbler Riding a rhino in the African deserts
Hanging on the wall like a bear White ducks on the river Majestic bird in the tree He’s laughing at me Claws in the neck of its prey It smells like smoke There’s a pink scarf on the rail It is a symbol Steamboat tree River free Can’t you see Start with Z
Banjo Train 00:55
Hover above Spray paint it Don’t cry okay Type a note
Cat Snow 02:16
Wicked day at home “Humanoid” No one’s fine You don’t get it They don’t get it Diamond soup Balloons at home In my mouth Snake floating bus I just got married Cajun gateway Serial whisper
It’s just a matter of time Make me believe it’s right I hear a whisper in the driveway Levitate the animals Horse grew a mustache Fists on the keyboard
Compost Pie 04:01
I stubbed my toe too hard Toothpaste on my shirt Don’t listen to those stories Everybody’s rockin’ Take it all away Make me want to stay I promise to be I want to be red
I live out in Malibu Pressing buttons to win Call me Mr. Ice Machine I live like a cat I lost power My hand fell off Sweet and sour Pillowy soft
Crass Dude 01:15
Stinking river sludge Human cloning Mice with small feet Baby, I’m your man You are woman I’m in a coma Chimney smokin’ Alone in the woods
I got you a bouquet I hope that you’re okay I wondered what you’d say Tomorrow will not be okay
Foot’s stuck in the train track My foot fell asleep Magnets suck my insides out Woke up feeling sad Everything I do hurts I’m starting to become a sheriff Wait until the dawn breaks You’re so graceful
Make a livin’ on a sailboat Playing plastic cards Comfort little seagulls Play badminton in the shade Lay me out on the white shore Lovin’ every minute of you
I’m on fire tonight What am I looking at? Huddled outside the door So very needy I stroke your yellow fur What kind of clothes? Your paw is so big I like your foods Help me I need power
I hear your words Who cares Many many birds Making deals Anything that makes more cartons I refuse food and beverage I refuse to eat No one cares
My Realm 02:56
Got me in your trap Shaped from metal wire Woke me from my nap Now I’m really tired Ringing like a phone Thought I wasn’t home Heroes stand alone I’m out on my own It’s a prophecy You can’t tread on me I stayed up all night Rocket to the sun
Near Harvest 02:01
You get so itchy Claws click on linoleum It’s hot and sticky I don’t play guitar It’s almost time
I’m almost not here Rotten and unwashed Shut up a lot You’re always leading I don’t get your jokes It can’t be that hard Don’t be stupid I really do feel it Pecan hair Enhanced cowboy
Potato Fire 01:36
I don’t feel my legs It’s almost burning A cluster of birds On the hillside Silly little elephants Carved out of wood Recording my laughter Coming to life
Don’t pick up the phone I can’t get reception I don’t screen calls I don’t like friends I don’t have fun I’m profound I grow beards I opened a window Catchin’ the big wave
We went to the fair He sculpted glass Cotton candles I don’t like all the things that you like I get told all the things I should like Red whistle blues Hatred is not the answer
Time Canyon 02:29
Fuzzy fuzzy bears Were just teenagers How many did you count I planted 12 trees Randy wasn’t old enough It was a warm winter The ground was dark brown Josie, I’m so sorry Josie, Josie, I’m so sorry
Light shines into the room There’s an empty field I’m like death But not as cool Stop laughing at me Start stopping I’m nervous Soft cotton Your touch is so cold Your look is so old
Rabbit Baboon Whisper Silhouette Car Bookstore Homestead Recovery
Villian Beat 02:10
In the middle of the night When I think the feeling’s right Who cares about my life? I wear my clothes too tight


Lounge/punk/grind/jazz masterworks from renowned songsmiths Pumpkin Buzzard.


released January 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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