by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Experimental rock, pop, folk, punk, stoner metal, free improv, and unclassifiable Buzzardian weirdness, performed with a loose "live in studio" feel. Contains some true classics - one of the more accessible Pumpkin Buzzard albums.


released August 15, 2012


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: Cavern Friend
A passenger
Injured when the missile hit
A gash of light
Sudden flash of purple sun
I’m so sorry
My cavern friend
I’ve been disloyal
Is this the end
I saw a knife
Sticking out of my fist
King of the cave
You hold a lantern to my face
I never know
Am I one of you now
Track Name: Dark Significance
Sweet sunrise of your heartache
Creeps outside the window
Blue skull rests on my shelf
Uncovered the mystery
It’s what I’m here for
It’s for what I’m here
Gone - the tomb has opened up
Hold it up before the light
This life is a mountain
Seen across the harbor
We touch through a window
The rock is exploding
Oh, don’t let go
Never know
Track Name: Street World
Now that there’s a diagram
Vector probability
Potion insect battleship
Give me your analysis
It’s a street world
Take my hand
And take my word, baby
They will never, never understand
I wish you would give away
Some things that I wanna take
Complete generations
Unknown variable
Track Name: Data Halo
My house is a black abyss where death lives
I’m green and gold and love to play; I feel happy
Oh, livin’ in the shadows
Write my name, it starts with K; you cannot be
Please hold my hand, I feel so old; I feel happy
Track Name: Dirt Book
I do it all the time, you know
They say it’s not a crime, so I
Held a funeral in the forest
The news will print what’s mine, you know
It must be something today
The creature in the tree tells me these things
Come check my pulse ‘cause it’s weird like I’m dying
I feel the static in my bones
Corrupted inside a mine to blow
And then they told me this was modern day
I help old people pass the time
Track Name: Hollow Breath
Twelve pages down and twelve to go
It’s time to get my sword out
I think I’ll sit down and write a long letter
Before my time runs out
But time has shifted to watching crows
I’ll never figure out
I think I understand what it means
Watching them fly south
Hollow breath
Mountain air
Mountain bird
Flying south
I like the weather, but I don’t change
Unless I get out
I go swimming in a frozen lake
I turn into a trout
I used to like it in the cold
Until I turned south
Frozen in the mountain air
Some stains just don’t wash out
Track Name: Leopard Witch
Staring down a bus of tourists
I become a flock of birds
I am the squid of the forest
And the squid can speak in words
Leopard witch
I’m going blind, but I can still read your mind
Call my name but I don’t get it
Go ahead and do your worst
My computer friend won’t let it
Try calling my name in reverse
Track Name: Organ Beetle
Weapons from my friends
Toxic energy
Take it from my hands
Organ beetle
Weapons for my friends
Power in my hands
Angel or a rat
Track Name: Soft Republic
Down down down caught you
Let me not stop you
Republic soft and
Mesh tank top
Oh, I feel like
It wasn’t so
Caught in the fire
Wrapped up in wire
Outrun the police
Feed me your dead parts
Play rough and die
Down down down
Track Name: Pink Flame
Riots in the streets
Under crimson skies
Everybody knows
Where is there to go
Listen, you can hear it
Junkies in the night
Everything’s on fire
We are never safe
Pink’s always burning
Until the world stops turning
Air raid sirens blaring
Heroes aren’t around
Something opened in an alley
Rusted steel stairway
Glowing rooftop snipers
Pink flame burning up the world
Our legs cut open
The goat kings have arrived at last
Track Name: Troll Diamond
I wanna eat it, I do
The rotten feeder eats you
I drink it from a green jug
I make you drink it, too
Look in the mirror now, baby
You’re so dangerous up there
Troll diamond
You are looking kind of green
I invite you to my house
The preacher casts a bad spell
I see some branches on you
Track Name: Watermelon Haunting
Wearing out a pair of used jeans
I wish I could tell you what you mean
Maybe you could be what I am
Found a set of armor, get it, man?
Take it all away from me
Can’t you see
Tell me that you love me, please
I can’t breathe
Write it out just like you got hands
Drink the water from a frozen lake
Maybe’s never really happenin’
Feeding apples to a winter storm
Track Name: Jackal Ribbon
Well, I’ve been seeing someone
Cartoon people are nothing
I’m searching for a light cube
The journey’s real but you’re not
Jackal ribbon
I always get what I want
A cabbage gnat or a wolf
Track Name: Megabird
Flyin’ around
Never touch the ground
Flyin’ so high
Touch the sky
In your own time
I was blind
I don’t know why
I let you lie
Why can’t I see
You are me
Chasing the wind
Nothing can end
I let you die
It made me cry
Never be free
Live through me

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