Urban Megafauna

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Profoundly experimental trilingual synth pop.


released April 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: Nocturnal Food
Daffodils sprouting from the cracks in the concrete
Spacetime contracts as we approach the wall
Maritime party making stones implode
They always knew they were on a ship

Twisted limbs spell a name
If only I could read
Alkaline powered
Sweet and sour

The night beasts awaken
Shocked at first light
Sliding down a sloped vector
Rendered with malicious parameters
Track Name: Tiny Highway
All the animals gather to hear the story
Discolored soil liquefies
Hidden in alluvial deposits
Feet cemented in grass

Processor meant to be human
Hold my hand; I need your love
Choking on the air tonight
Symptoms include nausea, déjà vu

Esto es extrañamente noble
Track Name: Tree Dancer
Nambrog passed out on the wounded burro
The movie must have been a portal
Crows circle the unfocused carcass
Rotting on checkerboard marble

Vielleicht wir haben alle die Blumen gegessen
Kristallen Städte entwickelt bei dem Augen
Von dem Krabbenleute
In der Nacht, die Ziegen weint

Idle in a frictionless void
Rubbed down in toxic jelly
Taking advantage of the third dimension
Infinite messages flood my database
Track Name: Rat Thunder
I scrape down the wall unnoticed
Medieval magic guides my way
Trapped in this cylinder: nowhere to hide
Living my life so under pressure

I so want to feel your gesture
Your craven wandering must end
Stone monster; you are brazen
I am not a mutant like my brother

Canadian warlock
An envoy for Count Walsegg
Track Name: Walnut Vector
Interstellar dust was our undoing
Exploiting the trust of underlings
Vacant building filled with water
Cutaneous horns protruding

Castaway hunter wastes his spear
Time dilation resulting in grief and despair
Eye dilation a product of instant retreat
I woke up alone; it’s freezing
Track Name: Radio Space Apocalypse
Festering man grants a wish
My body is filled with hawks
Straw protrudes from my clothing
I found a gem in humanity’s ashes

You are way too private
No way to survive it
Not like that when we met
Drinking hummingbird sweat

Bananas incinerated by the screaming sun
Reverberating howl from the black distance
Bypassing the Horsehead Nebula
Emaciated jungle cat leaps into the fire
Track Name: Colonial Hypnotist
Jumping over a ghastly trench
Transgressing every boundary
Driving a forklift off a cliff
Your carapace sleek and shining

Se solicita operaria
Para hacer cojines

Perched like a fruit bat
Written in blue marker
Correcting your transform
Shockingly unlike the boathouse
Track Name: Oral Flame Apartment
Martial law between two worlds
Dormant volcanoes erupt with fury
Nitrogen purge followed by oral and nasal steroids
A glow enhanced by straining

Die schwarze Mond, gibt mir bang
Der roten Schmerz von Dasein sind unbedingt
Das blaues Gift von seinen Mund grabt meines Grab
Und durch alles, die grüne See lacht

Composed entirely of petroleum jelly
You mimic like a cockatiel
Love as a concrete object
I’m just kidding
Track Name: Uncle Symphony
Egg banks on the way to Tau Ceti
Intelligence has been compromised
Insurrectionist attacks disrupt multi-stage production
So-called myths unfold as truths

Sus acciones son irracional
y ellos no importan

Disruptions seen through binoculars
We are stranded, our biosphere diseased
Hypnotists prescribe an imagination
Skeletal deterioration from long-term microgravity exposure
Track Name: Rectangle Format
Only half of my tail grew back
Magical ability triggered by childhood trauma
Rancid saliva diluted in syrup
Crucify the telepath

I need power
I’m a coward
Final hour
What a flower

I must destroy criminals
A noise has arisen that wasn’t there before
Government occupation of nearby hamlets
You say that I can’t love you right
Track Name: The Portal Galaxy
My sources tell me to cut the cord
Coconut water on a summer day
Antique glue deteriorates
I’m talking about the future

Ein graues Nebelwand-
Die älter Abmessung.
Meinen verschwinden Organe
Ein wandern Scheusalgott

Digitigrade bipeds in colony six
The smell of burnt hair wafting
You’re more distant every day
You were my precious angel
Track Name: Morbid Quartet
Corrupted heartache massacre
Springtime melancholy
Shards of mirror on the dirty floor
Sitting by the lake with you

I grew a new arm
Instinctual charm

Trees sway in the distance
There’s a jukebox in your hair
I can’t let my dreams disappear
Injecting dirt through a straw
Track Name: Robointerstellar Plague
The Tribunal rises as the High Ordinator enters the room
Involuntary outbursts of deflated sarcasm
A cursed helmet found in the goblin’s satchel
Dedicated to internal division

I love you girl
I need you in my life
Carry these buckets
Full of sap and water

Multiply until crashing
Rebels have gained control of the capital
Huddling out in the dark
I don the helmet and begin to understand
Track Name: Spear Candles Beyond Earth
Buried in toxic dirt
Three days away from retirement
Numbness in my mutant limbs
Held down and polluted

Generation ships burning up the night sky
My relationships burn until my light die

Watch all the angles collapse
Riding an angel over empty seas
The game has begun but the players are gone
Conventional function of the infant psyche
Track Name: The Helmet
Inhaling glucose solution
Cellophane’s not right this time
I know it’s been hard for you
I watched the dragon fly

Courting women throughout time
She’s here with me among the pyramids
Magic knives used for fighting
Let me climb your golden locks

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