Neuron Beast

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Brain-melting industrial pop with blues, metal, and ambient influences.


released November 15, 2011


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: Polygon Tiger
Aviators, dirty mirrors, how’d I get so paranoid?
I was extinct in a land, flourishing in the future
Burned at the stake, back again, stuck in human slow motion
Everybody look at me
Full of electricity
Climbing up apology
I slept in my deck shoes
I got nothing to lose
Nobody knows that this is a party
Wild with a knife, can you see what I see
All the land mines
Found a faith bomb
Corded server
Track Name: Silver Pyramid
You say no one can take our modern love away
But tomorrow you’ve lost a precious dream
For today I feel something growing inside of me
‘Cause it’s okay it will come back to as a memory
I lost my way in a secret maze
Kept in a jar with the mayonnaise
I could have sworn we were holding hands
Held in the light with the shiny things
I lost my sight
Shimmering like all the patients we’re imprisoning
Going down the line you’re just taking your sweet, sweet time
I got lost and couldn’t tell the difference anyway
Never goes away like the darkness in a cave
Track Name: Hot Loneliness
I wrote a book of made of onions
I rode a bike made of wishes
I took a walk made of minutes
I thought a dream made of pathos
Hot loneliness
You’re not a queen, you’re just a pawn in this
Hot loneliness
I wouldn’t run if it was only this
I grew a horn made of sawdust
I felt a rate made of buttons
I ate a tree made of numbers
I am an earth made of humans
Track Name: Endless Justice
Tony reaches in his back pocket
Rachel pulls out a gun
Arthur’s building an army
Squeeze sacrifices his son
Tony saw an ugly face, had to find out how to hide
Any way the wind blows; if you even care
We can hear it explode; fire everywhere
Belly like a furnace; blurry like the sky is
Pretty like an onion; stabbing on a dare
Randy’s writing a letter
Rebecca scolded hiim
Richie can’t help but let her
Some kids don’t need friends
Bonesaw wants to stay but the people say he’s gotta go die
Track Name: Cardboard Gambling
I wish that love was free
I’ll die with dignity
That’s what you want to do
I see it differently
I’m broken down alone
I call your broken phone
The power’s out at home
I live inside the dome
I am so cold and shining
Hair raised on my back tonight
Far away, the smell of wheat
Call my house, I’m so alone
No light comes shining through
I ate a part of you
I want to feel again
Seems it’ll never end
Cut me as if I’ll bleed
I don’t know what it means
When I ride on my broom
I feel so cold and doomed
Track Name: Worthless Instinct
Dirtbag delay spring reverb sun
The government will have their fun
Tube overdrive gumdrop raygun
Electronaut pulsar tube hot
Runnin’ on air (What ya talkin’ ‘bout)
Runnin’ on sunshine (Couldn’t do without)
Runnin’ on hair (Won’t think about)
Runnin’ on key lime (Never gonna doubt)
One million years industrial
Dark onion bomb pad distortion
Orange analog guitar robot
Another crunchy citrus note
Track Name: Invisible Spaces
Hot water pouring from the gargoyle
I’m making tea
Decoded vengeance unleashed in space
It falls on me
You see me from the distance
Take me home, take me home
I’m dead inside an asteroid
Na na na, na na na
I’ve filled my mouth with rice and gravel
I can’t succeed
I see your world on fire burning
I don’t believe, no
Track Name: Hidden Teeth
Caribou whistle; the smell of wheat
Hammerhead command; terminate me
Track Name: Turtle Party
I saw you at the turtle party
I look at you and you look back
I shed my skin, I bought another
My spectre hand reaches your body
Touch my spectre hand
Then you'll understand
When you touch my spectre hand
Your texture map reduces softly
The lighting casts a shadow black
You fill my cage with dirty water
My spectre hand just wants you back
Track Name: Wretched Honor
You keep on talkin’ ‘bout the days go by
You keep on talkin’ today
You keep on talkin’ like to show you’re scared
You got it funny today
Show me your hands
Scratched up and numb
Perched in a tree
Tell me a lie
Mouth filled with dirt
Hero on ice
I can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout the way you cry
I can’t stop cryin’
I can’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout you all the time
You won’t stop cryin’
Track Name: Vigilante Seal
You don't mean nothing
I'm so strong
They can't stop me
Someone's gonna pay
Sometimes it feels so real
I'm covered in cornmeal
I'm cornered in the shed
Time to crush you
I'm full of rage
Track Name: Bitter Vanity
I won’t take part in this
You follow my lead
I’m all out of breath
Eat a loaf of bread
Break something infinite
Coarse fur in the woods
Just one thing left to say
Blood on the walls
Oh, I hear it calling me
I cannot feel
What bitter vanity
Track Name: Forgotten Door
I know it’s wrong to say your fears are perfect
I’m feelin’ strong but fearin’ things are all on fire
Now I’m alive
My life means nothing at all
You can die/I won’t even notice
The world will flood; nobody has a face or name
Drowned in mud; I tasted dirt and hair and bone
No one around
I have destroyed everything
Nobody sees
So what’s the meaning

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