Everybody's Unconscious

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Paint up a pig, gonna stink like a dog Mountain top, baby drop, never in time I can’t find you, mind blurred in the fog Puke like a pigeon, gonna rhyme with the slime Do electric superman ‘Cause Nietzsche’s dead Sunken witch Circuitboard Suicide Demon lord UFOs are circlin’ the tower Soldering my veins into the roach mech Cotton up the DVD zombie in the shower Swing like a tree bat, load the deck Teleport into the suborbital nuclear wave Smoking dirt in the black dimension The witch and pig are gonna rise from the grave Sonic chaos splits my mind into the pink sun
This space station is colder than you are, baby And the show is still ringing in my ears Sifting through the remains of the goblin I find charred teeth and a camera Strung out in a restaurant bathroom Crawling through a sewage tunnel Underneath a gelatin maze There must be something more than this Ripped in half by tentacles Take me apart like I'm for sale X-ing my face out of every photo Interlocking polyhedra dagger Trash ghoul sailing in the aether wind X-ing my face out of every photo 'Midst cyclopean ruins I rend my flesh Interlocking polyhedra dagger Strung out in a restaurant bathroom Crawling through a sewage tunnel Underneath a gelatin maze There must be something more than this
Four empty bottles and you're still on my mind Time may stop a human, but I'm not that kind I'm drowning in dirt and it aches to be alive Reached in for some honey now I'm trapped in the hive Wrap me in your blanket I'm so tired Trapped outside the island home I'm so broken down I've expired Photo of your all alone Atomic syscrusher Melted in a house made of clay Wanting to end my life more each day Inverted star I carve into my chest Blinding light emitting from the crest Nowhere to hide, I turn to help underground Don't wanna hear it so I mute all the sound Washed up in the tide, I'm salted like a peanut Screaming in agony from the salt in my chest cut
Baby, I'm going cyber for you I just don't know what to do You make my circuits bend Our love will never end Going into space, out of place, digging a black hole Empty universe, nothing worse, digging like a mole Manic cavalry storms the back room Our passion screaming mechanical doom Your smile pixelates I just hope it's not too late I'm switching to vampire protocol, baby On a sold-out tour of the spiral galaxy Building a spaceship out of blades of grass Alone I frown in my armor made of glass
Huffing cement under a bridge wrapped in tar Held against another’s will for hours What if they had killed the witches? How many robots allied with the vampires? Scalding heat from the spacecraft’s brain Eject the tablet, I’ve gone insane I keep having dreams of crashing airplanes Major radio waves penetrate membrane bane This is the day of the witch Lightning alarm strikes the key Black tentacles slide down my rotting throat Dead dog in a ditch, gun to my head They put up a blockage and cut off her air supply Surging pus invades like war crows This was our vector experiment Lodge the pink sword into my head Staring into magic space, wings spread Don’t want to live, I’ll die instead So I’ll swallow 42 slugs of lead
Jungle surrounds me in a brilliant discovery Torchlight guides my way in this jungle tomb Backstage kneeling over a toilet, syringes littering the floor Crushed in a steel cage, I've got no time to explore Vaporize my soul Don't need it now Kill me 'fore I grow It takes its toll Everything I can do I don't because of you I shot myself on Christmas Eve 20 years ago I watch you from beyond: sleep, eat, have sex, cry Teeming with rage, I tear off my sleeves and legs Emerging from my cocoon, I witness the chamber of eggs I feel the weight of the gun in my pocket as we cross the galactic border Realizing that I'm indefinitely doomed to live One long hard kiss before teleporting to hell and opening fire Today is broken; tomorrow's a sinking ship
Annunaki guides the mind; releases dormant chemicals Six cabins line the shores housing dormant ghosts Water will not weep; the great sea birds do not cry Apparitions appear from the tombs that do not sleep Wandering 'round aimlessly in a blind, unknown forest Something vast and terrible awakens beneath the waves Frozen for years, now I'm back Stalking a work, make believe Anytime, anywhere, returning as a bear (cyber station) Weak like a stone Anytime, anywhere, returning as a bear (sold out A7) Honky tonk ghost The sun sets and I can see ghosts appear on the horizon Huddled in a shelter made from hair, shaped like a sphere I stick one final needle in my last dried-up vein I've been pushed farther than I've ever been before Screaming in the black void and tormented by gods gone insane The comedy is over: here is death, sick and hard
My spinal cord writhes worm-like on the dissecting table Gold teeth scattered on the floor, chronically exposed Witches swoop down on giant moths with golden bright eyes The dual suns of Rylim-3 rise and still I'm awake Traces of the cryptic hybrid are left behind Bullets pierce my flesh like maggots on carrion I want so badly to be touched by something Crows transmute defying all natural laws Laser beams scorch the horizon Do anything to keep it going Now the party is over, and I'm so tired Revive a hope for mankind
Latin Canoe 08:02
I looked outside and saw the moon A sign of impending doom Staring into the pool, drink in hand I don't know the bomb will land I've lost my pride, I'm not afraid I take a sip of my lemonade I've seen the plains, the rolling hills I've only one more man to kill


The depressive counterpart to the manic Mantis Antler, Everybody's Unconscious drops in tempo by 10 bpm per track, starting at 90 and ending at a miserable 10 bpm. And it sounds like a nightmare: full of writhing synths, distortion, inhuman noises, and overwhelming dread. Truly bizarre and absurd industrial pop on heavy sedation. Like committing suicide all alone on Christmas Eve and slowly leaving your body, only to find that there's still no way out.


released December 12, 2009


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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