Avalon Burning

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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The Buzzard's tenth album, just as baffling as the last nine. A collision of industrial, frenetic synthpop, black metal, and alternative rock from some bizarre alternate reality, interspersed with jarring musique concrète and bursts of unclassifiable noise. Ominously nonsensical. Unlike any other music in existence.


released June 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: Astrobeef Influenza
Hero to the few
Don't believe in you
Filled with attitude
Enemies we slew

Astrobeef, take my hand
Astrobeef, motherland
Astrobeef, money man
Astrobeef influenza

Gusts of wind a-blew
Nothing I can do
What is wrong with you
Breakin' your curfew
Track Name: Hyperdrive Hypodermic War
Anyway you want it
I don't care about you
Take whatever you get
I don't really want to
Traveling through time
Take back what was mine

I'm not responsible for you
I'm broken scissors, you are glue

Found you in a tunnel
Crushed beneath the tower
I'll build you an anthill
I'll do it to wow her
Track Name: The Parrot's Missile
Out here I stand beside you
Broken bones and broken gun
Well, I woke up in your cottage
Blinded by the morning sun
Stranded in a foreign village
We can't hide, we can't run
So we're drinking Turkish coffee
While we hide from what we've done

I'm running from the parrot's missile
In a village, a foreign village
I never should have blown the whistle
Loot and pillaging the village

I'm hearing quiet voices
Take them out one by one
Watch your careful planning crumble
'Neath the force of what's begun
Hanging from a dying treetop
Reaching slowly for my gun
There won't be a happy ending
This ain't business, this is fun
Track Name: Hungry Mirror
I want a dreamless life
Locked up inside of me
Stuck on this ship that's headed nowhere
Look up into the sky
Tell me what you see
What do you think those clouds look like

I want what I want
I get what I take from you

I live inside a cave
I kill those I once saved
I'm the rebel, I'm the slave
That dark spot on the wall
Tell me what it is
Can you see into the future through it

I just got born today (he just got born today)
Track Name: Chord Lover (Sniper Center)
I found my name in the database
Housed in a tubular glass case
I got an abduction nosebleed
Tripped on an electric wire

Commanding masses of prisoners
Performing pressure experiments
Ripping up secret documents
I'm dressed up like a sad clown
Track Name: Secret Hawk
I like the 2-step
I like to boogie
I like monsters
I like airplanes
I like to mellow
I like hammers

These are some of the things I like

I like to whistle
I like counting gold
I like fire
I like charts
I like casting spells
I like rats
Track Name: Comet Witch Heat
Max it out
Like a fox
Grow a crop
Eat it up

Saw a light
In the sky
From down here
In a mine

Arch my back
I'm a cat
Mix it up
Like a ghost

Comet witch heat
Track Name: Rodent Accident
I got a broken phase that won't hold a charge
I'm from another age, I'm from another star
I gotta blast my way out of this jar
I took a nap and I took a drive in my car

Contact the base, I know it

I gotta cool it down, down at rainbow bar
I'm seeing massive waves, don't know what they are
I'm waking up for the first time, who are you?
It's a mission that I'm gonna have to pursue
Track Name: Mutant Hardware, Reptile Saddle
I watched you sleep last night
Graveyard creeps dodging the light
Stole away with seeds of hope
Sunlight creeps in at your head

Don't you know that we're coming for you?
Riding a horse made of glue

I ate an apple and I ate your mind
I mark the ground where I put your kind
Someone found a body last night
It's not human and it's not right
Track Name: Necrotermination Dimension
I put my sunglasses on real smooth
Get on my bike and ride outta town
All you see is people following me
Like the pied piper and his rats
But where I'm goin', they won't be back

See, where they goin', there ain't no light
But there ain't no dark either
And everything's real cool like... at least for me
See, I'm gonna go in to this dark, dark tunnel
And I'm gonna go in real slow
Thing is, I'm gonna be comin' out the other side of that tunnel
And they won't

They're in the necrotermination dimension
Track Name: Credible Threat
When I woke up you were gone
And I knew it was the end
I was strung out in a land
Oh, who knows where I've been
Well, they said they found you here
Cold and face down in the sand
I coughed up lots of blood
And I knew the end was near

Turn it up
Go ahead and burn it all
Just turn it up
Turn it up
Sometimes it just hurts to fall
Just burn it up

Wore a mask, hid from the heat
'Cause I knew it wasn't true
Felt safe away from them
Alone with no beliefs
Saw your face on the TV
Felt that threat creep back again
Took a long trip outta here
Always running from something
Track Name: Neptune's Suicide Master
I'm like a snake
Except with arms and legs
I don't have what it takes
Give me a chance
Inside I'm made of snow
A second chance
Inside you take control

I'll crawl inside of your mind
To find out what you hide
I won't like what I find
Inside you

Give what I take
Fill up your mouth with pollen
Sound the alarm
Intruders coming in
Inside the moon
I'm building a volcano
Defeat the beast
Unprecedented death
Track Name: Dungeon Dream
I'm a vampire, baby
And I don't mean maybe

Humans in dungeons
Fill up my saucepan
Vampire time, baby, baby, baby, baby

Eat some food, drink water
Hey, guess what I bought her

Penned up like cattle
Prisoners from battle
Track Name: Premium Nebula Mystique
Drowning sound around
Life in slow motion
Please help, I'm so scared
Is it girl or boy?

I want to meet someone
Who likes to meet someone
We will not have no fun
I want to be someone

Keep it down in there
I can't hear in here
Where are you today?
I'm still lost alone
Snowing white snowflakes
It's so cold today
You won't help me so
That means I am free

What is happening to the song we sing?
Track Name: Burning Enigma
We're going down, down
Into the city of doom
You look around
What are you going to do?
But something happened to me
It didn't happen to you

If it's not happening
Why is it happening to me?

Don't be a clown, clown
It's what you always do
I'm gonna frown
You'll get what's coming to you

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