Summer Foundation

from by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Livin’ underground but I’m bustin’ out
When the coast is clear I’ll stick out my snout
I don’t even know if I’m here right now
Throwin’ big parties all over town
Just in case you’re wonderin’, yeah, I’m a rat
If you want I’ll show you where I’m lurking at
I’m a rat warrior in battlefields
Deep below the earth the temple’s made of eels
The heat, it gets to me
They wanna take away my memory
I fight
But they’re too strong
I know it won’t be long
They wanna take away the secrets that I stole
That’s why I am livin’ down in this big hole
Know the secret entrance is in the crypt
The Transylvanian monsters are guarding it
Cross into the other realm, you’ll find me there
I see into the future and it looks bare
The foundation of summer is modified
They said that they would fix it but they lied
Now I’m hidin’ out underground
I once was lost, but now I’m found
Know that I won’t survive
Uncovered their secret hive
I’m just a rat, so I can’t fight
At least I tried to do what’s right
I failed to stop the genocide
You’re in time, but I’m outside


from Mantis Antler, released July 7, 2007



all rights reserved


Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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