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Gonna rock ya, gonna sock ya
Cuz ya know, cuz ya know that I wanna
Gettin' funky like a villain on the mic
Think I'm gonna stop, no, psych
Got the 'tude like a real bad dude
You be gettin' in my face and I be gettin' real rude
I'm comin' at ya and you know I won't stop
When I'm through with you, you'll have to clean up with a mop
Space knock out
Other MCs can't fight my energy
Cuz I represent the ol' P and B
Hot like a furnace cuz ya know that ya heard this
Deliver rhymes like the UPS
When I rock the mic, I'm the best on the scene
I get up on stage makin' young ladies scream
See my picture on the cover of every magazine
Only drink the finest wine and eat the finest cuisine


from Album​-​a​-​Day Compilation, released June 6, 2005



all rights reserved


Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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