Underneath Rotting

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Random Grave 01:38
I was robbing a grave It was a random grave Inside monsters can breathe I never want to leave I take back what was mine I am outside of time You are my guilt of grave I have removed my stain
This is the death adventure The snail swallows my arm I drain your fluid street My infinite rotting You are hypothesized My hair evaporates King of the moon I will soon be full The instant spawn is no excuse
If you mess up my life I must confess I will Sink into the moonlight I am the hazard spill Welcome to the green splinter kingdom Find my way through the green splinter kingdom My skin burns in daylight Wings grow out of my back I sleep in a coffin I lurk in my castle
Mutant people Flying overhead Inside nature Hibernating Come and get me Incognito I am nothing Calling your name
Soul Void 03:06
You are lost In soul void I feel dead Girl or boy You are free As in speech Make me whole Out of reach Wake me up No, I’m dead And then I Eat your brain Full of pain Don’t complain I’m insane
In the black forest at night The owl swoops down and carries me away I’m made of silk and a world I cannot see past my eyes Take me beyond the nimbus I swallow the crow’s feet Nightfall, the cry of war The buffalo roam into darkness Smile because you’ve won The buzzard has eclipsed the sun Have you seen the blue sky? The end has begun
I am restored In my castle It smells like rain From underground In the hollow Wizards swim below The sun is blue I feel
Secret Scum 03:12
I hear the wolves scratchin' outside my door I don't eat meat but I'm a carnivore They call me captain cuz I'm runnin' this ship And if you climb aboard we'll go on a trip And when we reach the shore we'll go for a dip But something's in the water that will ruin their trip We reach the beach, you are lookin' so fine That I think I might lose my mind I am the secret scum and my name is Jon Hey guys, what's going on? Whoa! Secret scum is gonna kill tonight I'm in my cabin when I hear the sound I gotta get out but I don't know how "Hey mister, let me in. I'm just a wolf. If you let me in I'll be good and stuff." I don't know what's happenin' Is it a wolf? Should I let him in? I don't wanna get a wolf bite And I don't wanna get in a wolf fight "I'm not the wolf you think I am I'm an island wolf, sweet as a lamb I'm not big and bad, and you're not a ham Please let me in, I'll do the best I can" Is it a wolf? Should I let him in? I don't know what's happenin' "I'm just a wolf. Let me in."
I am in the lake And we are other people I am on fire Please recharge my batteries Run me over now I’ve become a smile upside down Textured fragile hair Nothing matters anymore Take away my cape
Cold Emperor 04:56
I am underneath rotting in the ground And I can escape making not a sound My skin is green, I am a catapult I want a nightmare, can I please have one Cemetery titan The plague is spreading, I am so alone I hear the titan calling on the phone I feel the whistle blow inside of me The curtain's falling and I cannot see
I’m bleeding yolk I smell like dirt I got nothing to lose I feel the burn Devices eat your life Yum, yum, yum Got a procedure tonight Sewer headlight Oh, oh I got a funeral to run I am the funeral director I’m sinking fast The button’s pressed I got nothing to lose I got no regrets Tomorrow Get a grip Shrink wrap uranium Mister director If you need a funeral You know who to call Funeral director I am the funeral
Stone Palace 02:53
I was watering the flowers in stone garden I have planted them around my stone palace Please come inside, I’ll play piano stone I just want to be free Welcome to stone palace Please enjoy piano stone I live inside my palace of stone I live inside my palace alone There’s not a day goes by I don’t miss you One day I know that I won’t make it through
Page One 03:58
I have a time when I begin to read about the only thing that matters: a sustained happiness A sustained happiness can only exist if nothing is shifted inside the emptiness of light
I got a story about something that happened to me Something scary happened at the store I saw something that I wasn’t supposed to see They came and I didn’t see anything anymore I know my rights Someone’s standing outside of my door There was a bird resting on her shoulder It’s because of what I saw at the store I said come in cuz it’s getting a little colder They keep knocking, knocking, should I let them in I said it again, she wasn’t listening Ever since I saw, I don’t know where I’ve been I am made of snow and I am glistening I gotta get myself outta something today
I'm crying in the gateway Floating beyond the house of Jupiter And I'm saying My head aches while I'm on the tracks And armies tying up weapons inside the moons If I was a cowboy then I would hear a train Throw the anchor off the train If I was hit by a train I couldn't complain When you are hit by a train You're never the same Born in a cave, lived in a cave, died in a cave Touched by a mind inside this time Hit by a train, died in a train, I can't complain Touched by a mind inside this time Life is really really hard living on a train car We're coming back - it's coming down I hit the ground - the wheels go round
Lunar Woman 02:48
I exit the building You live in the moon I look out the window I’ll be seeing you soon You know you are a lunar woman In space it is so cold I wait for your call I have become a wolf Soon the sun will fall
Hard Pure 03:48
You know it’s true There’s something pure I feel it through My body’s core You wanna roll with P ’n’ B ARE YOU HARD PURE Do you really wanna roll with me Underneath rot-t-i-n-g Doo ba, doo ba doo You are dead And I am going to kill you ARE YOU HARD… CORE?! ARE YOU HARD… PURE?!
The eggs are on the dance floor The hairy beast won't save me I shout across the valley Don't come for me I don't know what mountain beast will do Come from his mountain after you Mountain beast Don't come down for me Mountain beast, rest in peace I want to live a peaceful life I watch the day turn into night
Sword Flavor 04:01


Recorded alongside Horse Machine in the summer of 2006, Underneath Rotting is an attempt to recreate the dark atmosphere of metal without using (real) guitars. Featuring cartoon music black metal, hip-hop beats and atonal violin, Godflesh-styled industrial metal featuring riffs created with voices, mandolin and turntable doom metal, brutal death vocals over saxophone lines, lap harp industrial grindcore, disturbing Angelo-Badalamenti-meets-Burzum instrumentals, harsh noise plus blast beats, and more. Hail to the True Intense Vampires!


released December 12, 2006


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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