True Shift

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Pumpkin Buzzard's sophomore album True Shift is a concept album written and recorded over the summer of 2005. It is a tragic and surreal journey through industrial rock, bizarre funk, ambient, prolonged psychedelic jamming, world music, hip-hop, drum and bass, after-midnight jazz, and uniquely Buzzardian darkness.


released December 12, 2005


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Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: Stranger Sizzle
I gotta admit
When I wake up in the morning
Ceiling fan
When the power’s stripped
Gotta get a grip
I’ve been waiting for you
And you’ve been waiting for me
Gotta get a lotta gettin’
Gettin’ good
I gotta admit
When I hear that it’s astormin’
Gotta leave it all behind and start again
Feelin’ cool today
Just like tomorrow
And what I can’t afford I just gotta borrow
Track Name: Captain Fury
You got me good, baby
You got me right where it hurts
Track Name: Canceled Stench
You are a human
I know a human
I can’t stand the stench
I canceled the stench
This is the wild
That makes us smile
You are my weapon
I hate my master
You are infected
What I detected
Is this the real world?
Flying above me
What is the answer?
The stance that I take
Weapons, whistles, work
Garage, rain, money
Track Name: Distant Cyberfailure
I’m having a cyberfailure
And it will never change
Dylan was holding the wrist
Eating a cyberdinner of rope
You’re so far away
But you’re not regular
I guess you’re a cyberfailure
I catch it down in my spine
Time for dinnertime
I took back what was mine
Get wild something big one
Don’t fall off the back
Glimmering smooth riverside
Track Name: Primal Reconfiguration
In the realm of maximum zone
A bird rests in his tomb
A light shines upon his crest
A metal hand reveals
Primal reconfiguration
The bird activates his open wings
It feeds on my heart
It powers his legacy
You can’t lose it
I ate my wings
Track Name: Guilty Missile Wildcat
We don’t need any help
Get in, the water’s cold
I swallow the black pills
My eyes wiggle on stalks
The castles gates open
The atmosphere is broken
Charge my flower car
Carl catches ghosts in his hands
Get a slime, that’s a good
This isn’t my voice
You’re tracked down reading sky
What sand fire did tile rip
A goose to clamp drier
Roasting popsicle
Dry ice bone
Why did you get here?
I lift rockets into fish tanks eating
Did that burn?
Track Name: Time (Outside)
Knock, knock, who’s there
The young god MCs from the P to the B
Dubs on the Cadillac
Don’t you know the Buzzard’s back
In town, rollin’ around
Get into that funky sound
Never failin’ to astound
Beats that knock you to the ground
Once was lost but now we’re found
Don’t you know that it was bound to happen
You’re tappin’ in
The musical action, rappin’ and cappin’ them
Who don’t believe we got what it takes
To make phat breaks and lay down smooth bass
And add a fresh flow like it ain’t no thang
Nothin’ but a P ‘n’ B thang, get it?
Pumpkin Buzzard’s back in town
Buzzard’s outside of time now
P-U-M-P-K-I-N B-U-Z-Z-A-R to the D
We comin’ through to bust you on your face
The Pumpkin Buzzard’s gonna quicken the pace
Some say we are from outer space
I agree, we are like another race of
Fresh beat droppin’, champagne poppin’
Lemme get my holster and put my glock in
Pumpkin Buzzard’s phat like Garfield the cat
Pull out my gat, attack, attack
What’s that sound?
Sounds like the Buzzard’s back
Track Name: Fire Exploration
Fire exploration (for you)
Track Name: Zombie Camera Special
Got my camera special on sale
Took a picture, now I’m a zombie
My hands turn to rubber and melt
I stumble around and fumble around
Being a zombie is tougher than nails
What’s that?
P ’n’ B, D ‘n’ B, Zombie
Track Name: Important Nightmare
I’m scared
I woke up
From an important nightmare
It was really bad
It was really frightening
I can’t believe what we do
It sounds the way that it should
I won’t whine on this one
This is the way they do it
Important nightmare
It just keeps repeating
Intelligent glass construction
Track Name: Professional Doom
It’s the professional doom
It gets you every day
It gets you everywhere
It gets you every way
Feels like I’m trapped in a room
And I don’t have no food
But I can walk out the door
And shake my bad attitude
But you know
That ain’t how I roll
I’m feelin’ rowdy
Like I don’t have no place to go
I’m going crazy with professional doom
I think you know it cuz I know that you do
I think it’s time for a change of pace
Slow down cuz this is not a race
What can I do to keep the track hot?
I’m comin’ at you and you know I won’t stop
Why can’t I just let you go?
I guess that I don’t wanna know
It just hurts me when the feelin’ drops
Flowin’ faster than a stolen car off the lot
You are my love
You are my life
Track Name: Harpoon Hope (The Eternal)
Underground autopsies on cello bows
Drag out the wave
Drying out the opera
Stick me in the oven
I hit the play button on Saturday
I wish my stain turned off
My plane is taking off
Cancer pipe aids the flame price
My cabin in the jungle
This is the last storm of my world
I resent your cold sound wish
My descent to the stars tastes sweet
Monophonic time travel is old news
Don’t touch me
Track Name: Depression Cylinder
I don’t really know what to do
I don’t even know, who are you
I think I see your face, it looks blue
Game over, I will continue
I don’t know what to do
I’m spacin’ out
It’s generation you
You’re in, I’m out
The twins wear cardboard shoes
I am the feeding tube
It lives inside a box, that I know
I’m growing a new tail in stereo
I’m crawling out my hole, toe by toe
I’m livin’ like a mole rodeo
Track Name: Trash Ghost
I got life squared
And it's trash time
You are the one
Won't you be mine
Trash ghost is falling down the hill today
Sewer swimmin' in a daydream
Don't take it away
Sewer swimmin' and I'm feelin' fine
You are my trash ghost
I got death cubed
What you gonna do?
Take it all away
Just don't care today
You are my trash ghost
Inside of me
Listen to it
It is perfect
In me
Track Name: True Shift
This is the day I will fly away
I have escaped from yesterday
In space it’s not so cold
And I feel it in my soul
My descent to the stars tastes sweet
And I wonder who I’ll meet
I’m in a place that I feel no pain
I have finally removed my stain
I have become something new
Because this shift is true
I am up in the clouds
I don’t think I’ll be coming down
True Shift
Outside of time

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