Potborski Zastavka

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Born before the dinosaurs Crystallized into a witch Disposed into the sea Leak terrible memory Crystallized into a witch Patent tingle make me rich In the cabin made of worms Patent tingle make me rich Shirt keyboard pencil hand Fragile ministry of lard Guaranteed to cause you harm Mutilation smeared body bag
Onomatopoeia 04:51
Oops, I spilled it on your life Fed your body to the night Stacks of people everywhere Contraption made of goatbridge hair Onomatopoeia Wolves gather at the bottom of the sea Hey, I’m a burned building Your claws dig into me Tensions in my heart are building Narcolepsy hyperdrawing
I am the storm that crushes your life Black sludge falls in the abyss Stuck in the mode of magicness Undead screaming pumpkin wife Funeral moon shooting laser beams at eagles Carried away into the night I ride a train of slugs into deep space Unleash the hemophiliac decomposing Government hyperdrive In the loathsome cord (It’s where I was born) I will travel north I will be ignored
Erecting a black shrine Memory of the infant soul Filling my mouth with brine Rampant love death patrol Vanilla fantasy The cold man is me Living in a dream Dead inside a yellow cave Inhaling mountain air Crooked blind got the plague Colorful destruction snare
Blank Stare 03:17
Your life got no life in them As I hack off your limbs Replace my teeth with flowers Insane mutation powers Black ice Blank stare No hope Despair I'll save myself to kill you Kill the lights and turn undead Infinite night shines through Post-human rat in my head I drain my blood and freeze it The moon in the sky oozes I flap my wings in the dark Becoming nightmare death shark Shoot up bugs Eat some guts I wish I was in a rut
Summon monsters from the sky Show me where I hide your corpse Laser blizzard rays from my eye Worshiping the civil war Hey, baby Watch out for the spiders when they crawl Suppressed insiders frozen to the wall I see the butcher come in my decline Now it is too late to draw the line Death is real, but not the truth King massage the secret dessert Modulating modern couth Permanently bloated spine Hey, baby
Butterflies bore through my ribcage Sunlight shines into my ribcave Strangled and ruined in a cellar somewhere Bored cybernetic abyss I’m not the one who’s gonna die tonight You are I’m not the one who’s gonna see the light You are Subtractive formulas won’t make it right Awake at night: war fantasy Swallow glass and bat my eyes Snarky thrash metal ghoul
Lady Claps 03:00
Wake up with bugs in my hair Conjuring a full-scale ground invasion Ripping apart your corpse of light Formatted, blown out black metal Wow! Bone butcher I know that you can’t see Bone butcher Just stay away from me Bone butcher Coffins in the statue, bodies in the junkyard Growing pansy legs on the hilltop Slingshot my way outside of time Apocalypse pig cop robot
Manufactured in an underground cavern Interrupted in the middle of pain I am chained up inside the grim tavern Promised land cadaver mystique Bring me my mug of ale and my lamb Make sure you smother it with mint jam Born as a clone of an underground horse Born in a trash bag – dead in a spaceship Floating in a cryotank drowning in remorse Evil underarm tendency Don’t let go Individual at a shave Worshiping the sultan’s grave
Loneliness of the shadow That’s all I’ve been since you left me Crawling into my dark, dark hole Livin’ like a mole rodeo I’ve reached the gateway Drown in the sea Oh, baby since you left me I’m empty In the tavern in the lake Shackled to a bomb that won’t explode Chainsaw with me in my casket Painting for the dead
No Relation 03:19
I want to commune with nature Want to be your terminator Gonna grow an umbilical sword Autopsy inversion nord Sifting through the shrunken cave Crystals magnify my power Kill the people I once saved Attacking digestive flower Decompose Death on Mars Funeral
My hair tore off my skull We keep the club hot tonight We tie the prisoners to the hull Temple ablaze blight With infinite bile I crawl down your throat My black greasy smile I’m cold in my coat Exsanguinate the night with my wings Defected into the leaky void No one knows we’re frowning here Advanced ripping werewolf
My lungs are spiny and thin like deflated puffer fish and when I walk I drag rudimentary limbs behind me My thick crust is like an ice sheet of northern ultimate brutal unbelievable miserable dark blackness You could never deny the sound you hear replaces your infinite space with the coldest, blackest night Classic goregrind zombie What is ultra? Production drips from my leguminous esteem Locution of the black spire in mind tunnel vortex Umber hulk rises from the murky depths Swathed in plastic
Wrap the corpse in sheets of steel Pistoning my fists into the sun Accelerator tumor overdrive 8x6x6 vision pounding necro Discombobulation Raptor necrodeath Excommunication of the galactic confederation of planets Bursting with strength My name is darkness Brimming with tears Ratsy with sharkness Classically howling your birthday Cut my head off – oh, wait I’m a witch Witch is an evil species of immortal darkness Frightening nightbreed panzergrim Stone of the necromancer Spiral wizard tower Initiation Avalon Collecting an exception pulp


Irreparably damaged psychedelic metal and nightmarish folk music with mandolin, bells, lap harp, recorder, synths, and three vocalists. Sounds like people who have never heard music playing Black Sabbath covers with detuned instruments through broken amps.


released June 6, 2009


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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