Mantis Antler

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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The Buzzard's back with their sixth album: Mantis Antler, a collection of summery pop, industrial brutality, and uniquely Buzzardian weirdness. It's a concept album in two different ways: lyrically, it chronicles the apocalyptic return of the extradimensional "goat kings" to Earth as observed by a heart-broken, suicidal alcoholic in California, and musically, each of the 24 tracks is 10 beats per minute faster than the last, starting at 70 bpm and climaxing at 300! This is a true Buzzard epic, containing the sweetest pop bliss they've ever created paired with constantly-increasing world-ending insanity. Get it while you still exist!


released July 7, 2007


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: New Return
I know you saved me
In the place where the sun shines down, I know
You can’t refuse me
Now I forever belong to you
I’m cruising the strip
With the gun in my mouth
Rain in my ears
It’s a love I can’t do without
Don’t need no new return
‘Cause I’m done with life
You can’t refuse me
Because you know I’m right
Now I’m leaving
‘Cause all the feeling’s gone
I thought you saved me
But I guess I was wrong
I’m cruising the strip
Driving in the wrong lane (with no headlights)
They found my body
The car was never found
Track Name: Joy Scissors
Help me to reverse myself
Temporary surge right through me
I just need a little more time
Break out of this magic spell
Cutting into me with your joy scissors
Hey how are today and
How do I deflate my fate
Look I know I’m in a box
Stop let me extrapolate
Fluorescent bulb
Exquisite glub
Track Name: Yellow Saucer
Hey mama, what you doin’?
Hey mama, nothing to it
All along
Yellow saucer and me
You left me empty
Now I’m free
The streets are filled with corpses
On the beach, we’re riding horses
Well nothing comes easy to me
Oh, saucer full of malignancy
Track Name: Digital Smile
Our love’s not analog
It is digital smile
Been with you all along
And it’s been quite awhile
Together day and night
I wish that you could be here
To help me in/end my plight
I wish that you could be near
Are you all alone
Where nobody knows
Don’t hurt my digital smile
Digital smile
I woke up on the shore
And I don’t know what for
Let me give you some advice:
We’re going out tonight
But I am all alone
I wish we were back home
I wish I had a home
Please leave my fate alone
Track Name: Hunting Flowers
Dying cowboy flips coin
Nature’s channel makes light
The government’s lying
Invincible whining
My discovery
Healing property
In the break of night
Where there is no light
My bones made plastic
I crumble like this
See figure 5-A
Sign on today
Track Name: Happy Ocean
Woke up drunk
Cool summer breeze in my hair
Sand in my mouth
Feet on fire
Walked past your building
No one was there
Ate some concrete
Throat full of hair
Ain’t it true, ain’t it true
I can’t even see you
I guess you’re right
I’m going down for the last time
You’re not there
I’m still on fire
I don’t care about nothing no more
I can’t stop the feeling
But the feeling’s sure stopping me
I can’t even see you
I’m on fire for you
Track Name: Armored Dolphin
There’s a dolphin and he’s hanging out downtown
He’s wearing armor and he’s wearing it all around
I wonder what kind of armor it is
Hi, I’m the dolphin – yes it’s me
I come from the deep blue sea
Hello dolphin, now tell me what’s your name
From an ancient tomb in outer space
He annihilates the human race
When people die and he hears them cry
He’s happy
The dolphin says he’s just trying to make friends
He won’t use his powers for nefarious ends
I wonder if I can trust his promise
The dolphin unveils his futuristic weaponry
And reveals that humans are his sworn enemy
I wonder if we’ll make it out alive
Track Name: Natural Beauty
You say that there is nothing to do about it
I say that it is realistic and destructive
You have a beauty that is real
I’ve become an electric eel
You say that you have something to do that’s better
This way you say that robots can live forever
You say that you think it’s time for me to go
I say that I should absolutely know
You have a beauty that I cannot deny
Today we have awakened the fear inside
Track Name: Friendship Starfish
Big bang – In a coffin
And nothing stops him real often
Deep down – There’s a notion
In the ocean he’s a friend with devotion
Get this – He’s a starfish
I insist that there’s nothing else like this
Friendship starfish isn’t here today
Friendship starfish won’t be here tomorrow
Track Name: Summer Foundation
Livin’ underground but I’m bustin’ out
When the coast is clear I’ll stick out my snout
I don’t even know if I’m here right now
Throwin’ big parties all over town
Just in case you’re wonderin’, yeah, I’m a rat
If you want I’ll show you where I’m lurking at
I’m a rat warrior in battlefields
Deep below the earth the temple’s made of eels
The heat, it gets to me
They wanna take away my memory
I fight
But they’re too strong
I know it won’t be long
They wanna take away the secrets that I stole
That’s why I am livin’ down in this big hole
Know the secret entrance is in the crypt
The Transylvanian monsters are guarding it
Cross into the other realm, you’ll find me there
I see into the future and it looks bare
The foundation of summer is modified
They said that they would fix it but they lied
Now I’m hidin’ out underground
I once was lost, but now I’m found
Know that I won’t survive
Uncovered their secret hive
I’m just a rat, so I can’t fight
At least I tried to do what’s right
I failed to stop the genocide
You’re in time, but I’m outside
Track Name: Just Telephone
In the place where no one lives
In the mountains
The plane, the plane, flying death
Picture bobcat
The children play in sewage
The goat kings play in light
The specter resists the fight
There is a mine in my bite
Just telephone
Pick up the phone
Where the data of the world
Is corrupted
Time’s a layer of revelations
Component corpse
We create a knife of frogs
Bomb it vomit
Fear is what it mutilates
We eat graveyards
Track Name: Bluebird Celebration
It’s a bluebird celebration
All across the bluebird nation
Saw it on the TV station
Told me all about creation
When the bluebird starts to sing
Let me tell you – It’s happening
When the bluebird starts to sing
It’s time for celebrating
When the bluebird starts to sing
Track Name: Deliberate Buddy
You’re my deliberate buddy
You know what I like to eat
We share clothes and money
We eat vegetables, not meat
Live in a tree
Don’t follow me
(Deliberate buddy)
You were my deliberate buddy
But it was just for the money
I told you not to follow me
But you followed me up the tree
Next time when I woke up dead
It made you really upset
I fell out of the sky
You buried me alive
Track Name: Good Home
The storm is comin’
My heart is breakin’
In the dark ages
We’re bellyachin’
I’m sneaking in
To capture spaceman
Turn up the volume
You’ll hear me screamin’
The lodge in the rain
We gotta sustain
Baby, you know the power is failing
And the guitars are wailing
Track Name: Sweet Protection
You give me such a sweet protection
Inside you win the sewer lottery
I am rejected from your mind
Imagine getting what you want
Standing on your mountain
Worshiping the ancient goat
You secured my heart
You protect my soul
In the mortuary sea
I feel that sweet sea breeze
Track Name: Gigaheart
Gigaheart, today
You’ve taken away my freedom for the last time
You think you’re here to stay
But you can’t escape the night
Repent today
You’ve gone astray
You are my gigaheart
I’ve lost my way
Nothing to say
Gigaheart, tonight
The temple of the goat shows me the light
You are dead and I am going to kill you
Track Name: Afternoon Cinema
We’re going out to see a movie
We’re gonna have a real good time now
I think that you will really like it
Even if you don’t really know how
I promise that you’ll like the movie that we’re going to see
I promise that you’ll like the movie, trust me
In the afternoon cinema
We’re going to a movie in the afternoon
I hope the movie starts really soon
We’re standing in line for the movie
There’s a bunch of people in front of me
I hope that we can get some good seats
We bought some popcorn so we can eat
Track Name: Sunset Love
Miles and miles above the earth
In a cocoon of love and dirt
Shining discs circle the moon
A sign of impending doom
The sun sets on my brain
Goat king from above
Take away my pain
Fill with your love
Tracking device in my tooth
Memories from my youth
Reports of outbreaks of wolves
Normal humans growing hooves
Wolves eating children
Children eating wolves
I can’t blame the wolf right now
Death had to begin somehow
I know the end is coming fast
The goat king has arrived at last
Track Name: Delight Bulb
We summon up delight bulb late at night
The darkness comes to take away the light
But no one knows what’s lurking in my mind
Suddenly there was a gust of wind
No one knows what’s lurking in my mind
People try to ask me all the time
No one knows that I’m outside of time
People try to look inside my mind
When people say that death is on the prowl
I’m watching them with the eyes of an owl
Deep beneath the earth it starts to snow
The light inside my mind is really loud
Delight bulb – Don’t try to kill me
Track Name: Lovely Girl
When I knew you
With the cities on fire
Cut me open
I’m a frame of wire
In the blackout
My faith’s devout
Outside of time
You’re amplifine
The light of day
Oh, lovely girl, take me away
Come closer
The world’s on fire
The end is near
You are a liar
Track Name: Southern Miracle
In the last days of the earth
I delivered you from birth
We become a race of fish
I deny you your last wish
Meteor from the sky
Rock ‘n’ roll will never die
Waves are crashing on the shore
Super powers I adore
I live in the finest maze
I’m the rebel, I’m the slave
Track Name: Edge of Your Mind
It will keep you on the edge of your mind

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