Knowledge Zombie

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Over 78 minutes of outsider metal/grunge/sludge, like a meeting between full band-era Jandek and the dumbed-down Melvins worship of early Nirvana, with doom riffing, horrifying pseudo-Western dirges, flutes, and masses of atonal wailing saxophone. Utterly inexplicable and baffling even at its most conventional.


released January 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: Betwixt the Pierced Fatalities
I got the gun in my hand
I'm gonna leave my body
Tonight is my last alive
I'm killing a whole planet
Existing on ground level
On hands and knees all bloody
I'll put the gun in your mouth
I'll make you feel like nothing
I'm dead, but buried alive
Clawing at the earth I die
Torn up like my burned insides
Into a vortex of night
I'll leave you dead in the woods
The wolves and birds will eat you
This is the mystical corpse
Nothing makes sense anymore
Evidence of no body
Just space and endless turmoil
I want you hopeless and weak
Then you can feel my power
Ultimate power inside
Crushes the skulls of divine
Collapsing sky around me
The tiny box surrounds me
Track Name: Scorpion Soul Shuttle
You know I'm good
Ah, I'm sailing the sea
What treasures come from the void, they ain't for me
Misunderstood, travelin' round with energy
Dead man lying in a stream
Bullet hole through the soul
I've become a sewer scream
But I don't want to know
Moving real slow, undeniably clean
Wind chime or a ghost, I think you know what I mean
Go ahead and burn it all
Track Name: Underneath Reptile Forest
Bird bat got a sing
Kill me I'm dead
Exit forehead
Crawl through anything
Wear a wristwatch
On my forehead
Melting a bat for dinner
I'm alright, I'm okay
Waiting in line for cinema
Got a light, I'm an oaken cyborg
Torn up like a rat
Running so fast
Never catch me
Necro nightmare daze
Zombie plumber
Dizzy farmer
Track Name: Burnhing the Subhome
I got a problem, baby
Two pistols for my remedy
I'm just a-workin' stably
'Til they return my family
I'll kill them to set them free
Can't stop this pain inside of me
They keep 'em in a laboratory
I wish I could think responsibly
Waiting so anxiously
Reptile sentries close in on me
Track Name: Bladecrash Electrocution
Crossing my path
Knifing some rats
Force evolving
Launch from a jump pad
Rockets soar by
The planets all die
Spitting rockets
Burning your hope down
Stinking to get high
I can never die
Bombs fall from the sky
Birthday colon butcher
Lobster graveyard
Fuzzy feeling
Dead hair helmet
I'm safe on my yacht
Storming the throne
Eating a soul
Mole rodeo
Crawling toe by toe
Track Name: The Sector of Foliage
We ride a saber of vision
I am the darkest religion
I bring big nuclear holocaust
We scare off thousands of wizards
We don't really matter
We are really dead
We can make it happen
We are loaves of bread
I'm the hoppin' bug
Try to stop my big machine
Stop this painful love
Kill desires inside me
Trampled by armies of vampires
I married a funeral pyre
I'm setting the whole world on fire
We say when it's time to expire
Track Name: Funeral of the Dusty Tomb
Baby, I know what I gotta do
Gotta kill myself to prove my love 4 U
Baby, I'm havin' a hard time
Ever since I shot down my crew
Baby, what I gotta do
Gotta prove my love to you
Guess I lost my soul
Oh no, oh no
You were my last friend
I know, I know
Guess I lost again
No no, no no
Cut off my oxygen
I'm cold, so cold
Baby, if I could change
I can't go on without lovin' you
Baby, space is cold and strange
There's nothing I can do
Track Name: Scream Like the Devil
Strange lights up in the sky, watch a planet die
The gods will never change, scream and vomit forever
Images of you, opening to heal
But pain is all that's real and you can never leave this place
Bombed into the ending sky, 'cause I can never die
I'm made of metal that can never be destroyed in fire
Slime from the sewer, I want you to die
Anytime you want I will end your life
In the underworld
I rip out your soul
Scream like the devil
I will lose control
War, war will never change, I am out of range
Hidden in the shelter where I know that I will die
Lead a secret life, burying the knife
Soaring in the sky like a bird out of its cage
Screams from the forests deep, UFOs harvesting
Call the king of night and ruin this world
Like the devil, scream, like the devil, scream
In the ground I decompose
Track Name: Witch Is Not Rain
Stuck in a cave
I'll be your slave
This is my grave
Can't feel the ground
Beat up a cop
Taste my disease
From mountaintop
Welcome to sleaze
Cut my flesh again
I'm something stolen
Got something to be
This life is not real
Smoking and sick
Viscous and thick
My name is Rick
Who is the god?
Track Name: Vengeance Is a Flag
Waging a war you can't ignore
Approved into a neverland
I hate the safety you provide
Burning the torch of the old gods
Insert the bomb into my chest
Blow up the building they adore
I pick bullets out of my womb
I crave the sweet abyss of doom
Vengeance is a flag
I know my rights
Vengeance is a flag
Track Name: Ruining the Hunter
Horse riding in the sun
We sleep beneath the sea
I'm killing everyone
I'm killing even me
Just shoot me
I'm okay
Please relieve
You will pay
Girl, I love you so much
I cannot be alone
'Cause I just need your touch
Inside my crypt of stone
Just love me
I'm so wrong
I can't be
So oblong
A lost war
All is gone
Open sore
What is love?
Just shoot me
I'm okay
Please relieve
Me today
Track Name: Summer, But Not Culture
I'm going into torpor
It's okay, it is all right
I got abduction nosebleed
You're cutting into me hard
You know what I mean
In my horse machine
Drive in the wrong lane
But it's all the same
Hold my hand, I need your love
In a garden, summertime breeze
Releasin' summer lovin'
This moment lasts forever
Passion not power
Track Name: Steel and the Dragon
Running, rifle in hand
Dead in a foreign land
Dragons buried in sand
Remove my stain
I want to kill myself
I wear the ring of hell
My skin's tempted to melt
I'm a kitten
The dragon flies at night
My neighbor's a member
Kill me, I'm a god
Inverting my cross
Sinister robot
Married to a wolf
The guild of a thief
Knife inside a rat
Goregrind ritual
Torn apart by worms
Instinct, nature's excuse
Smoking dirt in the woods
Huffing cement alone
Intense, it's to the bone
Stalking my prey at night
Wrapping a corpse in leaves
Transformed into a thieves
My buffet suicide
Track Name: Smoking the Misty Burn
Magic wand suicide
Kill everyone, they die
The wand against my head
Kill me until I'm dead

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