Identity Undeclared

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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16 tracks of bizarre rock music in the unmistakable Pumpkin Buzzard style. Punk, new wave, industrial, dub, metal, '90s alternative, and truly damaged blues collide with blissful indie pop somewhere in the gloom of an endless desert.


released March 17, 2011


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: Honky-Tonk Fortress
(Walking around) You tried to get me but guess what, I’m back
(Taking it in) You told me that you would cut me some slack
(Smelling the air) I thought I would let you know that I’m here
(Touching the ground) I don’t think you know that death is so near

Keep it up, you’re so real
A catapult
Tear it up, going down
I’m dreaming up
I’m back

(Watching the time) They’re gonna look for you body, it’s gone
(Thinking about) I told you this would happen all along
(What you have done) We’re in a maze made of color, I feel
(Standing in line) We’re in a honky-tonk fortress, it’s real
Track Name: Subway Premonition
Don’t get away from me
Climbing up the walls
It’s all cheap but nothing’s free
Sunglasses tinted green

The beauty bell
It’s all me
Who did you tell?
They told me
I’m taking flight
I’m taking flight
You thought I’d never ever ever leave
I’m taking flight

What you get and what you see
Are two different things
Don’t get away from me
Don’t ever ever leave
Track Name: Chrome Horizon
Somewhere on a desert highway
Cleaning up the streets of the desert
I’m in a bunker watching you
Do you feel what I feel?

In a graveyard in the desert
I haunt the horizon
Sandy spirit on the southern winds
Don’t take it away

Buried under miles of sand land
Too far gone and I’m not stopping
From this bunker underground
What you hide I reveal
Track Name: Raven Warning
I heard you calling in the night
I heard your warning
Your wings a-fluttering in flight
Beware this morning

You cast your spell
Hidden in leaves
Into the night
Lost and bereaved

I heard you at the spinning wheel
Your careless romping
Your claws dig into me
I saw you in the rising moon

Mystical bird form
I heard you this morn
Track Name: Solar Vermin
Out on the sea
Wrapped in a pink veil
Out on the sea with me
I’m all alone
No one beside me
Out on the sea with me

Will I’m down tonight
And I’m down today
I’m taking flight
Listen to what I say

I’m my own captain
Loving every minute
We’re all vermin in the sun

Crawl on the ground
Burrow out my home
Crawl on the ground with me
Laying my eggs
They belong to me
Play in the sun with me
Track Name: Snake Computer
I got the snake computer blues
I wish they’d run into a wall
Someday I’m gonna stop ‘em all

I got the snake computer blues
They go from short then up to long
It’s why I chose to write this song

I got the snake computer blues
I guess I’m never gonna win
I know they’ll just come back again

I got the snake computer blues
And I don’t want ‘em anymore
I’m gonna kick ‘em out the door

I got the snake computer blues
‘Cause it’s not fun to snake compute
I’m gonna give ‘em the boot

I got the snake computer blues
There’s a snake in my reboot
There’s gonna be a big dispute
Track Name: Autumn Portal
It’s exploring your blood cells
I can’t find your pulse
Traveling in a stream within your veins

Floating down misty rivers
Found an echo here
Deep in the woods I found a secret gate
Track Name: Green Tornado
Look into your mind, I see it
Find another place to be it
Running out the door to set you free, uh huh
Honey can’t you see I need it, uh huh

Bury me at sea, I need it
Carry me away to feel it
Honey just allow me one more chance, uh huh
Keeping me alive, I need it, uh huh

Take me away

Out in the galaxy, whoa

I got
What do you got
Tell me what you got
Track Name: Golden Rabbit
Anytime you see a golden rabbit
Take advice from me, friend
Reach down and grab it
Care for your new friend
Like it’s a habit
It’s dark, I’m so afraid
And disenchanted

I found you lost in the clover
Should I lead you to the sea?
Oh baby, what are you gonna do to me

I was lost at sea for seven minutes
I could not believe you found me in it
I will start a book and never finish
When you said you’d stay, you never meant it
Track Name: Every Wildcat
They cut me down
I’m underground
Running ‘round without my pride
I can’t be bound

I’m every wildcat
Every single one
Trying hard to stand my ground
Living under the sun

I hear the sound
It’s way too loud
It makes me frown, my teeth are good
You make me proud
Track Name: Midnight Wire
Moving to the music, I got an itchy collarbone
Trying not to lose it, sleep the day away
Every time I’m in it, I just got to have some more
I’m in a condition, It’s more than words can say

I was watching you through the window
Doing things you thought no one would know

I like to drive late at night
I like to drink sangria in the moonlight
I pull the shades - blot out the light
You don’t see me coming ‘cause I’m seeing into your mind

Driving down the highway, got the pedal to the floor
Tinting on my windows, suicide doors
Always to the limit, gotta keep it in the red
Winding down the canyon, I remember what you said
Track Name: Eagle Menace
Try to stay clear of the village
It’s too hard to see into future

When I was a boy I kept growing
Accidental fears keep me going

You can’t see it

Trapped inside a maze - Oh, don’t you hear me callin’
Found a camera
Trapped in your embrace - Oh, don’t you hear me callin’
Photo of your legs
Track Name: Ghost Village
Let’s go to the amusement park
Go lay down in a coffin together
Watch out because it’s very dark
Tell me what you said earlier

Did you happen to see that monster over there?
It had long fangs, it had scary hair

Help me
Leave it on a southbound train
Come on
Gotta go the other way
Apparitions coming at me, whoa

I was shopping the other day
Come on let’s steal a cart together
I can’t move and it’s very dark
Hang around, talk about the weather
Track Name: Rancid Mountain
I got a mountain view
It looks like rotten vegetables
I wish it was some pretty hills

I got a mountain view
There ain’t no creatures for miles
They can’t even stand it for a while

I got a mountain view
If only I could move away
I’m just a mountain anyway

I got a mountain view
And it ain’t pleasing to the eye
I just can’t figure out why

I got a mountain view
It shows a mountain and a sky
But it’s always covered in flies

I got a mountain view
I don’t know who could even try
I’m surprised I’m still alive
Track Name: Nosebleed Sunrise
I got a nosebleed when I saw the sun
Life is demanding without everyone
But she’s the hunter and you are the fox
We’re marching on the same side of the rocks

If not the same melody
What else could it be

People in your life don’t know what goes on
But you’re so high, no one can reach that high
I saw the white line turn to gravel road
She’s gone tomorrow boy, tomorrow boy

But is enough enough?
Track Name: Crowded Alone
Well I saw it sittin’ there
You won’t touch it at all
I saw a sword
Glistening in midair

I’m lurking on the mantle
It’s tempting to be one
I’m so old my skin’s hangin’
In this moment I feel nothing

I’ve been lost in the desert
A desire to change
I just found out what I’m worth
I guess I’ll stay the same

I can feel the prairie wind
Coiled up like a boa
In the distance a gunshot rings out
I lay in the sand

I’ve been living in motels
No one wants me around
You just keep me on ice, babe
Too soon I might melt

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