Horse Machine

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Horse Machine, recorded alongside Underneath Rotting over the summer of 2006, is Pumpkin Buzzard's garage rock album. Featuring live drumming on an extremely minimal set (floor tom, snare, and crash cymbal) and ridiculously unhinged performances on guitar, mandolin, violin, piano, lap harp, synths, and drums, the Buzzard tackles doom metal, strange jamming, punk, noise rock, death metal, dreamy pop, acoustic funk, and more.


released June 6, 2006


all rights reserved



Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: Frostgut
Trapped in ice
Body frozen
No escape
So frozen
Oh, frostgut
My frostgut
You are the one
In my gut
Steam rises
From my face
Track Name: Hard Lycanthropy
Hunting down the villagers
They’re running from me because
I think I’m a wolf right now
Chasing them all through the town
It’s hard to be a wolf
It’s hard to be a werewolf
The villagers are scared
And I keep growing hair
I got sharp teeth in my mouth
I think I’m busting out
My hearing’s really good
I’ll eat you for some food
Track Name: Method of Delivery
You got a method of delivery
I don’t know what it does to me
I don’t know what to do with you
I can’t decrypt what you’re sending me
And I just want you to know
You’ve got a mouse tarp instability
Don’t you know that you’re killing me
Track Name: Funeral Director
I’m bleeding yolk
I smell like dirt
I got nothing to lose
I feel the burn
Devices eat your life
Yum, yum, yum
Got a procedure tonight
Sewer headlight
Oh, oh
I got a funeral to run
I am the funeral director
I’m sinking fast
The button’s pressed
I got nothing to lose
I got no regrets
Get a grip
Shrink wrap uranium
Mister director
If you need a funeral
You know who to call
Funeral director
I am the funeral
Track Name: Watch Phazer
The sewer casts a fishing line
A green monster
I phazed a watch, it ain’t mine
I shoplifted
Walked close to the blaze
I feel not good
About a watch phaze
July, August
Track Name: Orc Caramel
Echoes from the Martian landscape
Eyes stare like lightning
Think of it as a time limit
Machines taste sugar
I got a sweet tooth
But I’m saving it for dinner
Orc caramel
Something was wrong in the space station
Hair grows in the factory
Your smile smells like dirty fields
Birds swoop down and carry me away
Did you guys eat some chicken salad?
Track Name: Easy Witch
It’s easy to be a witch
Cuz you don’t have to go very fast
You just hop on your broomstick
And you can go anywhere you want
It’s not hard to be a witch
It’s not very hard at all
It’s not hard in the winter
Or the spring, summer, or fall
It’s easy to be a witch
You don’t have to go very fast
I was riding on my broomstick
And I flew across the moon
It’s not hard in the morning
Or in the afternoon
I don’t fly into space
Cuz space is way too cold
The best thing about being a witch
Is the wart on my nose
Track Name: I Know My Rights
I got a story about something that happened to me
Something scary happened at the store
I saw something that I wasn’t supposed to see
They came and I didn’t see anything anymore
I know my rights
Someone’s standing outside of my door
There was a bird resting on her shoulder
It’s because of what I saw at the store
I said come in cuz it’s getting a little colder
They keep knocking, knocking, should I let them in
I said it again, she wasn’t listening
Ever since I saw, I don’t know where I’ve been
I am made of snow and I am glistening
I gotta get myself outta something today
Track Name: Black Morning
In the black morning
There is no sunshine
The people wonder what has happened to the sun
We don’t know, but even if we did we wouldn’t tell anyone
The plants are dying
Government’s lying
Black sunshine
Track Name: Springtime Dream
Springtime is the dream time
This song is sleepy right now
The fields are green
I got my horse machine
I’m not for sure what I’m doing
But I’m doing fine
Pumpkin Buzzard’s getting’ paid on a daily basis
We got people to see and gots to go to places
My lids are getting’ heavy cuz it’s dream time
In the meantime, this is springtime
So let’s kick it
I haven’t seen The movie screen
Cuz I’m too busy
Caught up in a dream
Sittin’ getting’ sleepy down in the shade
Sittin’ by my stacks cuz I’m getting’ paid
Listen up cuz this is P ‘n’ B's serenade
Restin’ real easy cuz I got it made
Track Name: Rain Rat
I am a rain rat
Live in the sewers
Just when you knew
Turns out you didn’t
I walk across the bridge
Into the chorus
Hey, do you have any cheese for us?
I’m a rain rat
That’s what I said
My coat is thick with dirt
I smell of sewage
Just when you thought you knew
You lost your knewage
The rain rat crawls into a sewer
Be careful not to turn into a (rain rat)
Track Name: Reptilian Forever
I am crawling on the ground
And I’m never coming down
I am a registered reptile
This is the end of the line
And I’m taking back what’s mine
This is the wild that makes us smile
I have become something I’m not
Reptilian forever
Living out our fragile obstacles
I am transforming
I said come in it’s getting cold
On, auto, lockout, light, press hold
And we’ve been playing in the field
I saw you hiding in the trees
There’s no sense in blaming me
The truth has finally been revealed

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