Album​-​a​-​Day Compilation

by Pumpkin Buzzard

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Pumpkin Buzzard's Album-a-Day Compilation consists of the band's first three albums created under the Album-a-Day guidelines. All tracks have been remastered from their original recordings (which are available free at this site). The first AAD, American Jellyfish (tracks 1-10), is full of junk percussion and detuned electric guitar used to play pop, jazz, metal, doom, and trash. For the second, Vampire Rainbow (tracks 11-17), all voices were mangled with misused Autotune, turning them into bizarre screaming synths that wail over moody radio-friendly post-grunge with electronic beats. On the third AAD, Sunshine Synthesizer (tracks 18-24), the songs are all grooving bass, electro beats, strange noise, and Filosofem-style vocals, interspersed with live improvisations full of wacky percussion and impassioned wailing.


released June 6, 2005



all rights reserved


Pumpkin Buzzard Missouri

Pumpkin Buzzard is a prolific experimental pop/rock/metal/grindcore/noise/power electronics/IDM/hip hop/ambient/happy hardcore/punk/industrial band.

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Track Name: English Phantom
English Phantom's got a problem
Hand it to him
Can't undo him
Track Name: Ghost Rights
You got hands and feet and fingers and toes
Been a long, long day and I suppose
One day I'll think of something to
Change my life and a ghost's, too
Life is good
Track Name: Musket Trilogy
The musket trilogy
How come they wear a sleeve
Abominable snow
Of making water glow
Track Name: Watch Phazer
The sewer casts a fishing line
A green monster
I phazed a watch, it ain't mine
I shoplifted
Walked close to the blaze
I feel not good
About a watch phaze
July, August
Track Name: Anti-Ensemble
Nobody sees puppies
And it's all right with me
I'm feeling angry
It's just fine with me
I'm having a bad day
It will be okay
There's nothing you can say
To make this go away
Track Name: Breath Steel
Breath Steel
How do you feel?
Like an eel
Like an orange peel
Like a bicycle without wheels
Like an envelope without seal
Like a pirate ship without keel
Track Name: Light Cube
The sun is shining on the people below
They're all the people you know
Up in the sky in a hot air balloon
You will be seeing them soon
Track Name: Biojudgment
I feel so ashamed
I've got to say
The way I feel
This time I'll let my heart decide
I got life squared
New generation
Lie of the year
What is that you say
Track Name: Fleshwall
I got no mercy
Cuz it's just me
Livin' in the land of spiders
On this quest for glory
It's just me
Livin' in a hut on the beach
She woke up dreaming
Cuz it's just me
Thinking of the way she left me
I'm limping badly
Cuz it's just me
Thinking of a mercenary
Track Name: Lonely Lives
I've got overhead
One squirted cheese
I am not quite dead
The other one didn't
This is purity
Best taste of the year
Shift in and out of gear
These lonely lives
Are what we have
I feel superdead
I am a robot
It's all in my head
The best super robot
Bizarre, nightmarish
Battle of the soul
Like an orange peel
Now it's a limo
Track Name: Pianomega
Pianomega is what he called his name
I jumped into the ocean
Because they know who I am
I thought about sinking, but decided to swim
I thought about dying, but decided to live
I bathed in sunshine and life
My gill is punctured with a gleaming hook
I took back what was mine
I removed my glasses and began to understand
Track Name: Space Knock
Gonna rock ya, gonna sock ya
Cuz ya know, cuz ya know that I wanna
Gettin' funky like a villain on the mic
Think I'm gonna stop, no, psych
Got the 'tude like a real bad dude
You be gettin' in my face and I be gettin' real rude
I'm comin' at ya and you know I won't stop
When I'm through with you, you'll have to clean up with a mop
Space knock out
Other MCs can't fight my energy
Cuz I represent the ol' P and B
Hot like a furnace cuz ya know that ya heard this
Deliver rhymes like the UPS
When I rock the mic, I'm the best on the scene
I get up on stage makin' young ladies scream
See my picture on the cover of every magazine
Only drink the finest wine and eat the finest cuisine
Track Name: Ultimate Passion
You hurt my soul
You hurt my life
You hurt my heart
Deep down inside
I wanna feel the ultimate passion
Track Name: Killer Woman
I see you walkin' down the street
You are the one that I wanna meet
You're a killer, rowr
A killer woman
Oh, baby
You're makin' me crazy
Killer woman
You're makin' me lose my mind
I'm walkin' with you down the street
And it's you that I did meet
I see you walkin' away from me
You are a killer, now I can see
You stole my heart, ow
You killer woman
Track Name: Caring Gun
I got a cavity
It's hurtin' me
The ol' P and B
It's just you and me
I know what you see
Carin' to the G
U to the N
And then back again
Track Name: Facial Bomb
You, you see me
I, I see you
And I know what I know and I know what I know what I knew
I know
You know
I see
You see
P to the B
Facial bombing
Track Name: Transformation Song
I've got a brand new way
It's something I can't say
I've got a big surprise
You've gotta close your eyes
I'm going to transform
Into something that's warm
I'm getting much too cold
It's getting really old